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RECEPTOR CD v6.4 (2009/RUS/ENG) | 695 MB

is intended only for clean install. By installing it, we get the XP is
in the form in which it was planned by Microsoft, TK appearance is not
mutilated, and all the files inside into their own way, without changes
and patches. In the assembly added a rather large collection of
SATA-RAID driver that allows to install it on virtually any modern
computer or laptop. Installation mode completely standard, except I
seryinika, it need not provide.

System requirements: Windows XP Standard requirements

is recommended to record the minimum speed to avoid errors in
recording. To get access to updates, run the file reg.reg located in
the root directory.

- Removed the update mode from the CD drive.
- For installation of the wind run under a different file I386WINNT32.MSI

Removed from the distribution:
- Nothing.

- No.

Integrated driver
- Chipset 9.02
- CPU 9.12
- LAN 8.12.1
- Mass Storage 9.01

- DirectX_9.9.12 All direct.
- DotNetNew includes all versions frimvorkov.
- SysInternals_2.51ru very useful utility.
- CPLDAPU_05a_09 more applets in the panel utpravleniya.
- DXUpdate online updater directives.
- Mega_Addon saver, sounds, etc.

Service packs and hotfixes:
- UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus-9.12.12
- ExtremePack_9.12.12
- Windows Genuine Advantage Validation version
- Root Certificates Update (KB931125)
- Microsoft Update 7.4.7600.226
- MSXML 4 (SP3)
- AdobeR FlashR Player ActiveX v.

CRC32: 50D76B7F
MD5: 107D86D9A21619E9452F6BA104427B8C
SHA-1: 04750D16167FE3B0F6F6C74147249CB20EAE619C

Year: 2009
Developer: Microsoft / Receptor
Language: Russian, English
Platform / OS: x86/Win XP

Download (Hotfile) RecCD_6.4.part1.rar.html RecCD_6.4.part2.rar.html RecCD_6.4.part3.rar.html RecCD_6.4.part4.rar.html RecCD_6.4.part5.rar.html RecCD_6.4.part6.rar.html RecCD_6.4.part7.rar.html

Download (Uploading) RecCD_6.4.part1.rar/ RecCD_6.4.part2.rar/ RecCD_6.4.part3.rar/ RecCD_6.4.part4.rar/ RecCD_6.4.part5.rar/ RecCD_6.4.part6.rar/ RecCD_6.4.part7.rar/
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