Windows XP Pro SP3 MCE Corp x86 & Office 2007 Ent SP2 (12.2009)

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Windows XP Pro SP3 MCE Corp x86 & Office 2007 Ent SP2 (12.2009)

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Windows XP Pro SP3 MCE Corp x86 & Office 2007 Ent SP2 (12.2009)

Windows XP Pro SP3 MCE Corp x86 & Office 2007 Ent SP2 (12.2009) | 3.69 + 1.78 + 1.68GB

XP Pro SP3 Media Center Edition Eng / Rus Corp Edition 32bit SATA /
RAID & Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 (VLK) is the corporate version of
Windows XP Pro SP3 with a choice of English or Russian interface,
converted to a Media Center 2005 Edition, with additional applications
and components, integrated drivers and updates to 22 December 2009. In
this release, given three images to choose from - the full version of
WinXP MCE (with Office 2007 Enterprise SP2), version of WinXP MCE
(without Office2007) and WinXP MCE only - only MCE no additional
applications and the beautiful

Year: 2009
Platform: x86
Developer: Microsoft
Language: English + Russian
Medcine: Is present
Dimensions: 3.69 | 1.78 | 1.68 GB

System requirements:
Standard requirements Windows XP

in this assembly include:
- All updates until 22 November 2009.
- Added Windows Media Center 4.0 with all updates
- Additional applets in the Control Panel and system utilities
- System Utilities
- Expanded the Send To menu in Windows Explorer
- Extended command for shell
Integrated driver for 90% of storage devices that require pressing F6
at the initial installation - now reap do not need and do not have to
bother with a floppy, and so one has a floppy drive
- Integrated driver for system chipsets, network and sound cards (covering 90%)
- Drivers for network cards and WiFi
- The system is composed of Jurnal, so-called Runtime

Of the additional components of the machine are placed:
• 7-zip 9.07beta
• WinRar 3.90
• K-Lite Codec Pack 5.4.4, QuickTime Alternative, Real Alternative, Media Player Classic HomeCinema 1.3.1448.0
• Adobe Flash Player OCX
• Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.2 in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages
• Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5
• Adove SVG Viewer
• Java SE Runtime Envoriment 6.0 update 17
• DriverHeaven DriverCleanerNet
• LightScribe System Software
• Eset NOD32 4.0.437 Russian spelled with a server update
• Widcomm Bluetooth 5.5.5700

also includes additional programs for MCE:
• MCE Alarm Clock - Alarm Clock Program
• MCE Play List Editor - Program to create play-lists
• MCE Solitaire - Card version of the game under the shell of MCE

mceWeather - Weather forecast (on a day for three days, the withdrawal
of satellite maps - requires Internet connection, unfortunately in
• MCE 2005 Customizer - alternative to MS TweakMCE, program fine-tuning paramerov MCE-WMP11
• added the lyrics plug-in, which allows for listening to MP3 files in WMP display in the visualization lyrics

added Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher, which allows applications such
as WMP or MCE, not having built-in switch audio tracks of video files,
select the appropriate audio track. The default audio track is
selected, the corresponding language system.

Checksums files:


CRC32: F8E5726A
MD5: 743E76A4F7998FA818B818847D2826B5
SHA-1: 2EED348F6EDD298FAC688425E6FA8E8C1F159B6C

CRC32: 67B4C4F5
MD5: 0515268973D1F853218AE8C7A200425E
SHA-1: A84DFBE9D6F95329B142618F8CE98BBFE616866A

CRC32: 62A4DD46
MD5: F953459F3FBC81AFD78FA11C7FED4593

Download from uploading
mce_full.iso mce_full.part01.rar/ mce_full.part02.rar/ mce_full.part03.rar/ mce_full.part04.rar/ mce_full.part05.rar/ mce_full.part06.rar/ mce_full.part07.rar/ mce_full.part08.rar/ mce_full.part09.rar/ mce_full.part10.rar/ mce_full.part11.rar/ mce_full.part12.rar/ mce_full.part13.rar/ mce_full.part14.rar/ mce_full.part15.rar/ mce_full.part16.rar/ mce_full.part17.rar/ mce_full.part18.rar/ mce_full.part19.rar/

mce_no_office.iso mce_no_office.part01.rar/ mce_no_office.part02.rar/ mce_no_office.part03.rar/ mce_no_office.part04.rar/ mce_no_office.part05.rar/ mce_no_office.part06.rar/ mce_no_office.part07.rar/ mce_no_office.part08.rar/ mce_no_office.part09.rar/ mce_no_office.part10.rar/ mce_no_office.part11.rar/ mce_no_office.part12.rar/ mce_no_office.part13.rar/

mce_only.iso mce_only.part01.rar/ mce_only.part02.rar/ mce_only.part03.rar/ mce_only.part04.rar/ mce_only.part05.rar/ mce_only.part06.rar/ mce_only.part07.rar/ mce_only.part08.rar/ mce_only.part09.rar/ mce_only.part10.rar/ mce_only.part11.rar/ mce_only.part12.rar/

Mirror hotfile
mce_full.iso mce_full.part01.rar mce_full.part02.rar mce_full.part03.rar mce_full.part04.rar mce_full.part05.rar mce_full.part06.rar mce_full.part07.rar mce_full.part08.rar mce_full.part09.rar mce_full.part10.rar mce_full.part11.rar mce_full.part12.rar mce_full.part13.rar mce_full.part14.rar mce_full.part15.rar mce_full.part16.rar mce_full.part17.rar mce_full.part18.rar mce_full.part19.rar
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