Microsoft Windows lwgame Edition (Codename Crystal Clean) Final 09.12.31

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Microsoft Windows lwgame Edition (Codename Crystal Clean) Final 09.12.31

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Microsoft Windows lwgame Edition (Codename Crystal Clean) Final 09.12.31

Microsoft Windows lwgame Edition (Codename Crystal Clean) Final 09.12.31 | 647 MB

came the moment when the soft part of the Internet saturated various
assemblies of Windows XP all sorts of quality and performance. Good,
the unit (you can call them) - the rest is dross, which is even ashamed
to show, rather than something that spread to these your internet.
Before you crystal clear assembly OS Windows XP - no nonsense, no
tweaks, software, firewood and other useless tinsel (no, the assembly
is of course wood and soft, but it is systematic and in any case he
would have downloaded via Windows Update)

Crystal Clean Version
rassovo the most faithful of the existing at the time of assembly with
the fifth version of the Windows kernel.

Features and Differences from other assemblies OS:
- Built-in utilities for diagnosing and working with computers at the stage of installation (testing, work with the HDD, etc.)
- Nothing removed
- Nothing is cut off
- Works great Windows Update
- Not firing a
- Integrated all updates
- Integrate only kosher things
- Do not use disruptive tweaks
- Safety of High-level
- Superior Stability
- High stability under loads
- Included TCPP for easy installation of applications on the deployed OS
- Support exFAT
- Disabling the SFC and the DEP on the OS level
- Relatively small size of the operating system
- Excellent performance
- Many minor fixes and improvements

Standing on a blank, formatted DISK (formatnut be in the process). Set to the current system is not highly recommended

NET. Framework 1.1 +2.0 +3.0 +3.5 + Updates
Windows Media Player 11
Internet Explorer 8 Final
Adobe Flash Player Plugin 10
Microsoft Visual C + + Redist
SCSI Pass Through Direct Driver 1.62
Silverlight Plugin 2.0 +3.0
DirectX Runtimes August 2009 + Debug September
OpenAL32 Runtimes
OpenSSL Runtimes
Another Updated System DLL
Patch UxTheme (installation of its themes)
Cursors Windows 7
Sound from Windows 7
Disabled SFC for its uselessness
Disabled DEP because of his irregular work
All existing updates on December 26, 2009
Additional system libraries needed to run most programs
Advanced Control Panel applet
New Crystal copyrights wallpapers into this assembly of KM-Software (Design Team) crystal_clean.part1.rar.html crystal_clean.part2.rar.html crystal_clean.part3.rar.html crystal_clean.part4.rar.html crystal_clean.part5.rar.html crystal_clean.part6.rar.html crystal_clean.part7.rar.html crystal_clean.part1.rar crystal_clean.part2.rar crystal_clean.part3.rar crystal_clean.part4.rar crystal_clean.part5.rar crystal_clean.part6.rar crystal_clean.part7.rar crystal_clean_part1_rar crystal_clean_part2_rar crystal_clean_part3_rar crystal_clean_part4_rar crystal_clean_part5_rar crystal_clean_part6_rar crystal_clean_part7_rar
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