Windows XP Professional Pirated (x64 & x86)

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Windows XP Professional Pirated (x64 & x86)

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Windows XP Professional Pirated (x64 & x86)

  • Windows XP Professional Pirated (x64 & x86) | 692.34 Mb

This is a universal means to activate any version of Windows XP (x64
& x86), installed on desktops, laptops, notebooks proivoditeley OEM
machines. Used mainly in enterprises to enable fleet.

image. Avtoran do everything myself, simply choose a new key and click
Update. You can also use the files from the iso image to install from a
USB device.

This was created for factories or business's where they fix
multiple PC's from different manufacturer's Dell, HP,
Toshiba, etc. This version of the disk is the MOST COMPLETE

Just burn the. Iso image and pop in any Windows XP machine.
The Autorun will automatically take care of everything, just
select your new key and hit update. If starting manually is
your thing, then navigate to the XPLIC2, and double click it.

You may also take the files from this. Iso and put them on a
USB drive for more portability. Just note you will need to
navigate to the XPLIC2 file to use it from a thumb drive. XPLIC2.part1.rar.html XPLIC2.part4.rar.html XPLIC2.part5.rar.html XPLIC2.part6.rar.html XPLIC2.part7.rar.html XPLIC2.part8.rar.html XPLIC2.part1.rar XPLIC2.part2.rar XPLIC2.part3.rar XPLIC2.part4.rar XPLIC2.part5.rar XPLIC2.part6.rar XPLIC2.part7.rar XPLIC2.part8.rar
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