Windows XP NASA Second Generation SP3 v2.1 2010

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Windows XP NASA Second Generation SP3 v2.1 2010

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Windows XP NASA Second Generation SP3 v2.1 2010

The Second Generation version 2.1 from Windows XP NASA SP3 2010 comes
with New Exclusive Technology .. Used for the first time.. it
"Automatic Recovery for Basic System Files in every Windows Boot" or
"Self Maintenance" .. This means .. in every time windows reboot .. all
basic system files will recover automatically as if windows installed
for first time without affecting the programs and other files and
without taking additional time!! That's Amazing!! More use for the
Windows increase the speedy and stability .. Windows XP NASA Second
Generation SP3 2010 very fast, fully stable, NO system errors, High
Internet speed . More developments and improvements for all features
and functions of the previous edition "XP NASA SPACE v1.0 SP3 2010" VGA
clarity, sound effects, Graphics and Multimedia, New 3D Themes Multi
Color, Icons, 3D Wallpapers and Transparency.

Release Name: Windows XP NASA Second Generation SP3 2010
System: Windows XP Professional SP3 English Original MSDN x86
Year: 12.2009
Language: English
CD Key: Already Slipstreamed Original Key
Activation: Already activated
Install method: Unattended
File format: ISO
Size: 697 MB
Integrated latest updates and hotfixes
Accept updates form microsoft

Programs Added: (You can stop installation of any program don't need it)
River Media centre (for 3D Multimedia)
yahoo messenger 10
Yahoo multi messenger
Firefox 3.5
Flash player 10
Fire Tune
Winrar 3.8
K lite kodec 5.1.8
Winamp 5.5.6 with 3D skins
.Net framework 2
Stardock Icon pacakger
Xoft spy Full (last edition)
clean unistaller
Dp projection
Rocket Dock
True transperncy
and more..

25 New 3D Themes (Multi Color) with icons, sounds and wallpapers
70 New 3D Wallpapers (High Resolution)
Windows 7 logon screen (optional.. you can change it)
Startup Screens: (optional.. you can change it)
Ubuntu linux apperance
Windows 7 apperance
Mac OS apperance
and more..

Download from Hotfile: xpn2sp3v2010.part1.rar.html xpn2sp3v2010.part2.rar.html xpn2sp3v2010.part3.rar.html xpn2sp3v2010.part4.rar.html xpn2sp3v2010.part5.rar.html xpn2sp3v2010.part6.rar.html xpn2sp3v2010.part7.rar.html

Download from Filefactory: xpn2sp3v2010.part1.rar xpn2sp3v2010.part2.rar xpn2sp3v2010.part3.rar xpn2sp3v2010.part4.rar xpn2sp3v2010.part5.rar xpn2sp3v2010.part6.rar xpn2sp3v2010.part7.rar

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