Windows XP Security Update Pre-SP4 9.12.9

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Windows XP Security Update Pre-SP4 9.12.9

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Windows XP Security Update Pre-SP4 9.12.9

Windows XP Security Update Pre-SP4 9.12.9 | 76 MB

Windows XP Security Update Pre-SP4 contains a collection of updates for
Windows XP SP3 Pro (Home), published after Service Pack 3 and prior to
December 9, 2009 The kit does not include: IE7, IE8, WMplayer 11,
NetFramework 1.1 and 2.0, 3.0 , 3.5

In connection with the most informative script have some questions:
Error "0" - successful installation.
Error "1603" - fatal (critical) error during installation (in each case the reason may be his own).
Error "3010" - a successful installation, but not made mandatory reboot after installing Fix.

The list included in the pack:
KB923561, KB927436-v2, KB961118, KB934401, KB971320, KB938759, KB940159-v2
KB940648, KB942288-v3, KB943232-v2, KB944043-v3, KB945060, KB945436, KB948101-v3
KB948877-v2, KB949127-v2, KB949900, KB950304-v2, KB950305-v2, KB950312, KB950616
KB950762, KB950820,, KB950974, KB950982, KB951066, KB951163, KB951347, KB951376-v2
KB951531-v2, KB951618-v2, KB951624, KB951709, KB951822, KB951978, KB952004
KB952069, KB952117-v2, KB952595-v3, KB952909-v2, KB952954, KB953024, KB953028
KB953155, KB953609, KB953761, KB953929, KB953930, KB953979, KB954193, KB954232
KB954434, KB974112, KB954708, KB954920-v2, KB955043-v2, KB955109, KB955356
KB955417, KB955567, KB955576, KB955704, KB955830, KB955843-v3, KB955988, KB956572
KB956625, KB972828, KB957097, KB957218, KB972422, KB957495, KB957502, KB957579
KB957931, KB958071, KB958149, KB958244, KB958259-v2, KB958644, KB958687, KB958817
KB958910, KB954155, KB959085, KB959160, KB959267, KB959426, KB959540, KB959554
KB959682, KB959765, KB959873, KB960064, KB960071-v2, KB960519, KB960655,
KB960680-v2, KB971737, KB960859, KB960921, KB960970, KB961187-v2, KB961371-v2
KB961451-v2, KB961503, KB971486, KB961729, KB961853-v2, KB963038, KB965220
KB967048-v2, KB967705, KB967715, KB967756, KB968389, KB968585-v2, KB968730
KB968764, KB974318, KB969238, KB969262, KB969395, KB969557, KB970048, KB970063
KB970238, KB970254, KB970326, KB970413, KB970483, KB974176, KB970685, KB970922
KB971029, KB971165, KB971234, KB971276, KB971314, KB971323, KB971345, KB971421
KB971455, KB971557, KB971633, KB971657, KB969947, KB972878, KB973296, KB973525
KB973354, KB973507, KB973540, KB973624, KB973815, KB973869, KB946648, KB973039
KB956844, KB968816, KB971961, KB973502, KB969059, KB972435, KB974571, KB975025
KB975254, KB975467, KB969084, KB971513, KB975791, KB943729, KB958869, KB974392
KB973904, KB970430, KB955759
IE6-KB971961, IE6-KB976325, IE6-KB976749
IE7-KB971961, IE7-KB976325, IE7-KB976749
IE8-KB971961, IE8-KB976325, IE8-KB975364, IE8-KB976749
KB890830 v3.2
Windows Genuine Advantage Validation version
Root Certificates Update (KB931125)
Microsoft Update 7.4.7600.226
Adobe ®️ Flash ®️ Player ActiveX v.

09/12/2009 Changes:
Adobe ®️ Flash ®️ Player ActiveX Installer
v3.2 - Malicious Software Removal Tool for Microsoft Windows removes
some of the most common types of malicious software from computers
running Windows XP in December 2009.

KB955759 - Microsoft Security Advisory: Description of the AppCompat update for Indeo codec: December 08, 2009
- Description of the update that implements Extended Protection for
Authentication in the HTTP Protocol Stack (http.sys)
KB971737 -
Description of the update that implements Extended Protection for
Authentication in Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP) (replaces
KB973904 - MS09-073: Description of the security update for Windows XP: December 8, 2009
- MS09-071: Vulnerabilities in the Internet Authentication service
could allow remote code execution (replaces KB969111)
KB974392 -
MS09-069: Vulnerability in the Local Security Authority Subsystem
service could allow denial of service (adds KB965220)
IE6-KB976325 - MS09-072: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (replaces IE6-KB974455)
IE7-KB976325 - MS09-072: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (replaces IE7-KB974455)
IE8-KB976325 - MS09-072: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (replaces IE8-KB974455)

reg code: not required
Year: 2009
Developer: Microsoft
OS: Windows XP
md5: 58711BE24D2796F8CA0679FF1113B539

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